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Our delicious ganache truffle in a variety of flavors! A true delicacy, our truffles are a great way to top off a wonderful dinner, wedding, birthday, special occasion Christmas ....

vanilla flavor (white truffle)dark chocolate truffle flavor ( in the picture)


Here is what we do to make them: We start with melted chocolate and add a flavor. Raspberry, espresso or Grand Marnier for instance. Then we fold in heavy cream straight from the local. Once the centers are formed they are dipped in our signature artisan chocolate and are then hand decorated.
They are exceptionally rich and delightful. If you have heard of the Bella Store Chocolate made so famous gold box, you have an idea what style of chocolate this is, at about a third of the price and about twice the flavor!

our truffles are delicious we ship by priority Shipping so you will receive your fresh chocolate truffles, for free shipping we send by regular shipping USPS

choose the flavors from the inside of the truffle on the button beside

Assortment of fine chocolate candies, white, dark and milk chocolate in box.
We ship our orders in Priority shipping (1-3 business days)shipping paid by the customer

or free shipping ( regular shipping service USPS)
you will receive your Handmade "fresh" order and packaged in a beautiful Gift box

Truffles Handmade

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    Truffles chocolate box with two chocolate truffes

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