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  • Why buy a fake cake for your wedding?
    You are getting married and need a wedding cake, the glorious centerpiece of you reception,with all the pictures,the loving act of feeding each other.Once you start shopping for your wedding cake, you're likely to be shocked by the prices, it's a Just cake! Yes s true ! Why is cake so expensive? So because that Bella Store created this amazing option "Fake Cakes"looks real we use the same material that a real cake, smell like a real cake, the price is compatible with how much you want to spend in your wedding. you will have no risk with "Fake cakes "if rains or some other accident in your wedding date.
  • Why Buy a fake cake ?
    You can save alot money in your wedding buying a fake cake.You can use your cake after your wedding as souvenir after your wedding. Our cakes looks real and no one notice the difference. You can make your fhotos and we can make a place behing the cake for use a slice of "real cake"for the pictures.
  • How is shiping my cake made?
    We ship your Order by "Priority Shipping"you will receive it in 1-3 Bussiness days.
  • How do I make my order?
    We cusomize your order and your design as you want. you can select the cake in our store and if you want a special size you can contact us
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