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Height: 7 Feet

Bottom Tier Dimensions: 45″


Lights Installation ($950.00)

This product will be decorated with fondant, lifelike flowers, the price will be according to the type of details.


Lights Installation

The faux cake will be shipped Assembled in large boxes




Producion Time:

4 -5 weeks after you place yur order


ship by priority shipping take 1-6 business days



Faux cakes are shipped assembledin giant sizes we send the instructions for assemblyplacing one above the other


Please keep in mind, that since every item is custom made to order, that orders may not be "identical." Most items will look exactly like the posted photos, however since each item is made by handmade, there may be minor variations.

Castle Faux Cake Dummy Cake


Castle Faux Cake Dummy Cake Giant cake

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